How to open an XM account (xm trading)

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Select the trading platform type (MT4 or MT5) and account type.

  • Trading platform: (Example) MT4 [FX and stock index, metal, energy CFD]
  • Account type: (Example) Standard (1lot = 100,000)

Which is better, MT4 or MT5?

→ MT5 for discretionary trading. MT4 if you want to buy and sell automatically.


… The world’s No. 1 user trading platform. A wealth of automated trading and EA tools.
Since there are many commentary sites, do not worry about the operation method.
If you want to trade automatically, MT4 is recommended.


… It was released as upward compatibility with MT4.
Abundant 21 types of hourly display.
The operation speed is fast, and it has become quite easy to use these days.
MT5 is recommended for discretionary trading.

Also, XM only supports MT5 for virtual currency transactions such as Bitcoin.
If you want to trade virtual currency with XM, choose MT5.

Which account type should I choose?

→ Standard account is iron plate. Super beginners should choose a micro account.

There are three types of XM (XM Trading): micro account, standard account and Zero account.

The most recommended is the standard account.

You can enter up to 5 million currencies and you can trade from 1,000 currencies, so beginners can use it without hesitation.

A micro account is an account that can be traded from 10 currencies.

However, you can only enter up to 100,000 currencies, so it can be said that it is an account for super beginners.

ZERO accounts are specialized spread accounts.

It is a waste to choose a ZERO account for the first time because it is not covered by the new account opening bonus and 100% deposit bonus.

Once you open an account with XM, you can open an additional account with a click of a button.
So if you get lost, you should choose a standard account for now.

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